Sheriff Baca & The ACLU… Partners in Jail Reform? #494

June 11, 20073 Comments

Los Angeles, CA: The unique court ordered partnership between the ACLU and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is revealed in a four minute Internet video preview from a special Full Disclosure Network® series of interviews addressing the Los Angeles County jail crisis. Sheriff Leroy Baca describes the cause of the current jail overcrowding, citing the 1975 ACLU lawsuit (Rutherford vs Block). Also featured are ACLU’s Legal DirectorMark Rosenbaum, Jail Project Director Mary Tiedeman and LASD Captain Tim Cornell, of the Inmate Reception Center.

In the preview Baca tells FDN host Leslie Dutton that “The jail overcrowded problem, as you may know, stems from court decrees.. we were capped at about 18,000 prisoners, based on this Rutherford decision.”

Some of the highlights featuring the ACLU and L.A. County Sheriff’s Department are:

  • Captain Tim Cornell describes the LASD partnership with the ACLU, including some of the difficulties encountered when the ACLU monitors distribute complaint forms to inmates who in turn provide false information. He describes the ACLU’s temporary restraining order on jail overcrowding and how it impacted operations and the daily task of moving inmates from jails to courthouses for their hearings.
  • Mary Tiedeman, jail project director is asked to describe how the inmates react to the monitoring and relates some of the most common problems associated with the complaints forms they file on behalf of the inmates. She also defines the “partnership” with Sheriff’s Department and her good working relationship with the Sheriffs Deputies who respond quickly to her requests to assist inmates in distress.
  • Mark Rosenbaum, ACLU legal director describes the “partnership” with the Sheriffs Department and discusses how he wants to avoid any contempt proceedings against the LASD and that any back-up of operations that may have occurred, due to the ACLU temporary restraining order, should and could have been avoided and why.
  • Inmate Riots, jail disturbances on video are featured in the FDN preview and series, to demonstrate the circumstances that exist from time to time and explanations for the cause are provided.
  • Explicit details of the numerous problems encountered by both the ACLU monitors and the L.A. County Sheriffs Department are provided in depth.

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  2. Dennis Ettlin | April 14, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Shocking that 30-40% would be homeless otherwise !
    Great piece

  3. justice | April 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Steve Cooley is the sole reason for the collapse of the prison system. Look at the DOJ website statistics and compare them with the department of corrections. Cooley says crime is down. Why is there astronomical numbers of felons sent to state prison every year that increased throughout the entire 12 years Cooley was in office. LA County is responsible for 30% of the state prison population. Cooley is a complete mental midget with no foresight or ability to come up with any alternative sentencing plan other then to put every single possible person in state prison. The result. Conrad Murray getting 6 years for Michael Jackson’s death and the release of 40,000 others. When is the media gonig to stop protecting the biggest loser of a politician that LA has ever known. Cooley is a complete failure to the citizens of LA.

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