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Newport Beach: The Real “OC” #456-457

April 6, 2006One Comment

Is the city of Newport Beach the sexy, Shangri-La depicted in the Real OC TV program? Or is it like every other city-struggling with bureaucracy, political infighting and beleaguered city services? Full Disclosure Network®, presents “the news behind the news” in a 12 minute video preview of a two-part interview with Newport Beach Mayor Don Webb, to find out what the real Newport Beach was really like.

Mayor Webb offers a behind the scenes political history of this popular beach resort on this its 100th birthday. He also shares with Full Disclosure® the struggles of the city to remain progressive and modern while under pressure not to over-develop and destroy its leisure quality of life.

Responding to questions from Emmy Award winning host Leslie Dutton, Mayor Webb revealed that the current city council is made up of several people who have a background in real estate development and public financing. In fact, Mayor Webb admits he has been accused of being pro-development. But, then he is adamant that he is equally concerned about protecting the quality of life in Newport Beach.

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