Public Employee Benefits Threaten City Services #VB19

January 16, 20063 Comments

Los Angeles, CA — Are public employee unions harming the City of Los Angeles with their ever increasing demands for more benefits and higher wages? A “Free” three (3) minute FULL DISCLOSURE™ video blog features L. A. City Controller Laura Chick warning that city services are in jeopardy as public employee benefit packages continue rising.

Controller Chick describes the extent of the City’s liability for LAPD pensions, saying that costs for the retired police officers is as much as it is for the working officers who are out on the street. And, she added this is a factor limiting the city’s ability to hire more officers.

Additionally, Chick pointed out municipal bankruptcies, such as threatened in the City of San Diego, warning that something must be done to identify where the money will come from to pay for growing public employee benefit packages.

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3 comments to “Public Employee Benefits Threaten City Services #VB19”

  1. joebanana | January 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The idea that public servants get a better retirement package than the private sector, higher wages than the private sector, and full benefits is a joke. Public servants should get minimum wage, no bene’s, a 401k, social security, and medical, just like everyone else. Public sector unions should be banned.

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