Jail Riot Footage & Policy Debate #VB13

September 28, 2005One Comment

Los Angeles, CA. This six minute video blog features exclusive footage of prisoners rioting in the Pitchess Dentention Center, L. A. County jail system. Inmates are shown fighting fiercely, throwing mattresses, chairs, bed frames and makeshift weapons.

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Also featured in the video blog is L. A County Sheriff Leroy Baca, Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona and the late L. A. County Sheriff Sherman Block . All three Sheriffs are on record as to what they feel is responsible for massive over-crowding of jails and racial unrest among the inmates.
Reasons cited by the Sheriffs for the violence are:

  • Budget shortfalls causing staffing shortages.
  • Growing numbers of criminal illegal immigrants.
  • Conflict of local and U.S. Immigration law enforcement.
  • Revolving door policies allowing 70% of illegal criminal aliens to return to U.S.

1 comment to “Jail Riot Footage & Policy Debate #VB13”

  1. Racial | August 2, 2016 | Permalink Reply

    Your are an ignorant trash.. i am sure you dont allow comments to be viewed becasue many disagree… Riots are not caused by illegals, on the contrary they are the most pacified inmates in jail.. I am researcher for the development of Prison integration for CA prisons… Yous should really do some homework on how riots are spread, and understand the underground politics and world prisoner live under….. You hav e no value in reporting… I would recommend to censored your address and telphone number before someone rapes you and kills you…
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