Voters Deceived by Slate Card Mailers – Preview #238

June 19, 19982 Comments

238-239 Slate Mailers

Los Angeles, CA. According to Craig Holman, of the Center for Governmental Studies and retired California Senator Dick Mountjoy (R.-Monrovia) “for profit” slate card campaign mailers are deceiving voters with phony endorsements that have been bought and paid for by the very people purportedly endorsed.

In this part one of a two part debate on the Full Disclosure cable and internet TV program, Holman and Mountjoy take on UCLA Professor of Law Daniel Lowenstein who defended the mailers and filed a lawsuit to overturn Prop 208 (1996) including the disclosure requirements. Weighing in against the mailers Senator Dick Mountjoy cited how the questionable slate card mailers damaged his 1998 campaign.


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2 comments to “Voters Deceived by Slate Card Mailers – Preview #238”

  1. Dan Gottlieb | March 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Law Professor Dan Lowenstein is defending what I call Applied Bullshit. I define Applied Bullshit as documents written with no regard for the truth. This concept I drew from Professor Frankfurt’s book entitled “On Bullshit”. Frankfurt compared the lier to the bullshitter: It is impossible to tell a lie unless you think you know the truth, but the bullshitter has no regard for the truth as long as his intentions are hidden. Now the lier has his eye on the truth, but the bullshitter does not care whether his statements are true or false. Therefore the bullshitter is the greater enemy of the truth than the lier.

    In this case, the key headline, OFFICIAL SAMPLE BALLOT, contradicts the newspaper size print disclosure footnote. Lowenstein argues that the disclosure overrides the title. But the title also can override the disclosure. So this is a clear example of Applied Bullshit. The solution is not, as Lowenstein suggests, make it illegal. The solution is to tax it as if it were property, with the assessors being a group of ordinary citizens with no guide as to the amount or duration of the tax. No lawyers or judges should be involved since they may have been Lowenstein’s students.

    Daniel Henry Gottlieb,
    Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
    Purdue University

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